Project hot rods for sale

Very desirable body style. The motor may run but has not been tried. Comes with all garnish mouldings. As the head now had a combustion chamber, the HE design used a flat top piston to compensate and bring the compression back up.

Now remember, the flat head design engine used a recessed bowl top piston, while the HE design used a flat top piston. Floor structure looks good.

Very unique styling; non-running flathead 6 cylinder motor. The paint has been stripped so it has surface rust but not pitted. Quite solid with some rust in the bottom of the front fenders and on the left rocker panel. Just cleaned the points, put an air filter on it and a few wires and it ran.

To prevent this, after the element is in, the gasket is correctly installed and the filter can's bolt is started, the can itself should be held so that it will not turn while the bolt is being tightened, If it is allowed to turn, it can cut the gasket!

Has a running flathead 6 motor along with an automatic transmission. The motor is free and should run. That is why we founded FossilCars. This car has had lots of money spent on it but due to health issues it is being sold.

Great car for restoration!

0 V12 Engine (race)

Did he buy it? Not much for rust or dents on the exterior. Comes with a better left fender with a spare tire well or without. Have you seen the price of decorative hose guards lately? Has the crankout windhsield.

Street Rods For Sale/Collector Cars For Sale

SEMA This is one of the best organizations on the planet. This can cause excessive oil loss and engine damage. Frames and components from the s, s, s, and s receive new life with revived floors, custom interiors, and performance engines from other vehicles to produce a vehicle that is more about energy and devotion than the cash that went into its creation.

Now you get quailty, performance and looks from one company www. Runs very good and drives fine. One might consider this early design as a reversed hemispherical design in that the combustion chamber area was a hollow bowl top piston.

Floor structure has a spot of rust along the right quarter front. The Ford was found with maps and purse on top of the seat, and mummified kittens beneath it. Has the flathead 6 with a standard transmission. Other than surface rust, I see no rust in the body and very few dents.Home of POSIES Super Slide Springs and Hot Rods that make statements.


Hot Rod and Street Rod Parts. Ford and Chevy Car and Truck Suspensions and Chassis Parts. For Sale is a partially assembled kit that when properly finished will result in a "better-than-original" full-size replica of the CORVETTE similar to the lead photo. Excellent. One of the neat things about hot rods is that they can be designed and built just about any way you want.

But most hot rods fall into one of two categories: traditional hot rods; and street rods. Click For More Photos: Ford Coupe - Stock # Here is a "T" Coupe ready for a rod or rat rod project. Has lower rust but the floor structure looks decent. Rat hot rod project cars show off the inner workings, putting the enhanced engines and customized interiors on display, as the cars take to the streets rather than just sitting idle as a part of a collection.

The problem with this design was the part throttle fuel efficiency. But, when the objective is focused on high performance and racing V12’s use the early flat head design.

Project hot rods for sale
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