Methods of writing african history

This theory maintained that city-states develop first as despotisms and evolve through periods of monarchytyrannyaristocracyoligarchydemocracy and finally mob rule before the restoration of order in a new despotism.

The term has been applied to cultural movements in the 9th and 12th centuries, and medieval precedents have been identified for developments that were previously thought to be unique to the Renaissance.

Ki-Zerbo is an edited volume that provides the most comprehensive and detailed exploration of different aspects of the subject. Incorporation of the Hebrew Bible into the Christian canon helped to shape the Christian conception of history.

Humans lived for tens of thousands of years with languageand thus with tales about the past, but without writing. Guillaume de Syon argues: One should be careful in applying the common divisions of pre-colonial, colonial and postcolonial time, for the concrete feature of the periodization could differ from region to region, let alone within us subdivisions in each era.

Indeed, it seemed so comprehensive that virtually all subsequent English chroniclers confined themselves to copying it.


Do you know where the murder took place can you map it on a Chicago, map? The historian cannot assume that something, which was commonly believed by people in England inwas shared with people who lived in What historical tradition s will you need to familiarize yourself with in order to write your history of this murder into what category is the JAH likely to place the history you write?

The problem is that the reader must trust that the editor's selection of material, in this case Gay's, is representative of the subject, i. Therefore, the meaning of words must be seen in the life situation in which they are used. Relics are more credible sources than narratives.

The tradition must report a public event of importance, such as would necessarily be known directly to a great number of persons. The story becomes more detailed as Sima Qian approaches his own time and is able to question eyewitnesses of events and make use of abundant official documents.

Many of the theories used by both disciplines have common roots. Doing valid survey research is not easy.


There are two major problems with literature which need to be recognized. Instead of creating a master narrative about the impersonal forces that might have led to this development, as Polybius or even Sallust might have done, Tacitus focused on the character of the various emperors. The other half were chosen on a random sample basis.

An eyewitness is more reliable than testimony at second handwhich is more reliable than hearsay at further removeand so on. These "surveys" range from the use of questionnaires to things like the famous Pepsi test in shopping malls.The History of Africa Tore Linné Eriksen discussed in Silences on African history (Depelchin ), Writing African history (Philips ), and Emergent themes and methods in African history (Falola & Paddock ).

A very extensive collection of articles devoted to one of the most productive historians of Africa is Toyin Falola. The. Writing Trans-Saharan History: Methods, Sources and Interpretations Across the African Divide GHISLAINE LYDON For ages, the Sahara has been portrayed as an ‘empty-quarter’ where only nomads on their.

Historical method comprises the techniques and guidelines by which historians The study of historical method and of different ways of writing history is known as historiography evidence concerning the potential reliability or unreliability of oral tradition has come out of fieldwork in West Africa and Eastern Europe.

Journals. Many journals on African history exist. The most authoritative is the Journal of African History, which publishes on all areas of African history, as does International Journal of African Historical Studies. History in Africa is focused specifically on historical methods, with emphasis on the use of nonwritten sources.

African Studies Review publishes on all areas of African studies. Sources and Methods in African History Book Description: Spurred in part by the ongoing re-evaluation of sources and methods in research, African historiography in the past two decades has been characterized by the continued branching and increasing sophistication of methodologies and areas of specialization.

Historiography and Methods of African History Funso Afolayan Introduction The study of African history as an independent and autonomous focus .

Methods of writing african history
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