Iits and iims encourage brain drain

The government has no direct control over internal policy decisions of IITs like faculty recruitment and curricula but has representation on the IIT Council.

Who does what, when and how is all determined by the managers. The managers are also required in conventional industries and businesses, therefore it is not entirely true that managers depend totally on entrepreneurs. Yes, we need new idea's to come forward so entrepreneur is required in more number.

Those kind of educational elitismcreates snobbery and mutual animosities among the people. Managers are the key holding a company together. Their reasoning is that while IIT-JEE traditionally used to test students understanding of fundamentals and ability to apply them to solve tough unseen problems, the current pattern does not stress much on the application part and might lead to a reduced quality of students.

While entrepreneurs use their novel idea to make a product, a manager helps in making that product efficiently with minimum resources. The total unreserved seats from all IITs put together for the Communication and Electrical engineering subject, which is the most sought after is just 27 seats.

So for a developing country like India what is required is not just managers with quantity oriented but people with quality oriented work in their hands. It integrates undergraduate and postgraduate studies Iits and iims encourage brain drain selected areas of specialisation.

Nov 6, See what I think that manager comes from the entrepreneurs, why because to be a manager we need much of skills, capability to handle decisions, efficiency to get the work done, etc which can from entrepreneurs.

Indian Institutes of Technology

The government lacks direct control over internal policy decisions of IITs like faculty recruitment and curricula but has representation on the IIT Council.

It has been found that nations with quality entrepreneurs always have a pro-liberal government supporting and promoting entrepreneurship; hence economy like India should have policies favorable to businessmen and entrepreneurs which will lead to an win-win situation.

Managers can do entrepreneurs work when they had required capital to start up a business but entrepreneurs cannot do managers work which is like take caring of day to day activities.

A number of educational surveys indicate that IITs have earned a reputation as a highly successful institutions compared to other engineering colleges in India. So both are dependent each other.

About 15, undergraduate and 12, graduate students study in the seven IITs, in addition to research scholars. The teaching, training and research activities of the institute are periodically reviewed by the senate to maintain educational standards. And an entrepreneur can create an own market by his own ideas which to expand the market globally and he will become inspiration for new starters.

The syllabus for the entrance tests is based on degree level subjects, which is a criminal fraud on the students. The program usually has an unspecified duration, depending on the specific discipline. But from a pure national point of view this is a tremendous and irrecoverable loss to India.

Many IIT alumni have become entrepreneurs, including N. They labeled the quota system as a government tactic to earn cheap votes, creating a system would lead to increased casteism and a severe compromise on merit and talent.

IIT is an asset stripping government establishment which is useful for the Western Nations. The total marks usually out of form the basis of gradeswith a grade value out of 10 assigned to a range of marks. Because an entrepreneur is a person who creates own employment for his and creates employment for others.

If one of the animals is excluded from the chain, all food chain will be disturbed. Unlike many western universities that have an elected senate, the IITs have an academic senate that controls and approves the curriculum, courses, examinations and results, as well as appointing committees to look into specific academic matters.

Other critics express concern at the insufficient representation of women and the disadvantaged. Fortunately or unfortunately, the solution and answer are bound to be the same old cliche "Entrepreneurship". We are in developing country and our government is promoting start-up India and make-in-India program to create more entrepreneurs.

This has led to criticism of the way the examinations are conducted and the way a student is forced in the Indian community. As India is growing day by day, country is looking forward towards more innovative and advanced ideas.

After all, we need more entrepreneurs and their respective ideas rather than just a manager who acts as a mere servant to entrepreneurs!

All IITs use only English for course work. A small idea of an entrpreuner can make number of industries and tack inciative for increasing productivity of country and tack maneger for maitain it's administation properly.Apr 08,  · IntelliBriefs bring you Intelligence briefs on Geopolitics, Security and Intelligence from around the world.

Indian Institutes of Technology

We gather information and insights from multiple sources and present you in a digestible format to quench your thirst for right perspective, with right information at. Iits and Iims Encourage Brain Drain tremendous and irrecoverable loss to India. The exodus of doctors to US was stopped long ago by suitable policies so that India has become now the health tourist destination for many nations.

Essay about Iits and Iims Encourage Brain Drain Jindal, praising the stellar work done by IITians in all walks of life in USA.

Davis said the United States must take leaf out of India's book and devise a strategy to focus on and improve studies in math and sciences. So at present government must try to encourage bright students to take-up educational job rather than going to corporate jobs.

IITs & IIMs will be a vital role in nurturing the future leaders of India. which result into brain drain situation in the country and hence its become the need of an country,to start these institute in every. This trend forces us to address the issue of brain drain at the sub-national level,” said Chandrasekhar.

(IITs) and Indian institutes of management (IIMs) – India’s premier engineering and management institutions – are all located in urban areas. But new IITs and IIMs, established after have come up in small towns including. Sunaina said: (Oct 12, ): Hello everyone.

I think we need more entrepreneurs than managers.

The Government Should Stop Funding the Iits and the Iims and

An entrepreneur is a person who create a new idea, new business, invest money and also bring employment and maximises the profit where the role of the manager is also important ie.

Iits and iims encourage brain drain
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