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This led to wars of religion that lasted for over nine years. Also all the farm work had to be done by hand and this made the work really slow.

Everything is photographed and each artefact is carefully labelled and then sent to a laboratory. Acing the People in History Question Posted by Jack on 3rd February How to Ace the People in History Question This section can be seen as one of the most difficult areas, not only within the subject of history, but of the whole Junior Certificate to study for.

After he left the army and returned to his farm, he began to resent England and was elected to the Virginia Assembly. After a few weeks we were forced to surrender.

As well as praying prayers such as lauds — dawn prayers —matins — morning prayers —and vespers — evening prayers —the monks also worked around the monastery, farming, cooking, teaching and making crafts.

Soldiers also sometimes sleep there. History people in history junior cert man in charge of the monastery is called the abbot. Our main meal of the day takes place in the evening and is called the cena. He really resented the Stamp Act and was angry about the Boston Massacre in which British troops opened fire on protesters.

Very soon the Red Army began to drive the Germans from their country and eventually they got as far as the city of Berlin. It is a very good place to meet people and to shop. I import the raw cotton from India, which is a part of our British Empire and the cloth is then exported all over the Empire and that is how I am able to make a profit.

Religion is a very important part of our lives and we have statues of our important Gods in our homes. Over five hundred workers are employed in the factory and they are mostly women and children.

Acing the People in History Question

For example, if you were doing a plan on Leonardo da Vinci, you would have a paragraph on his early life, his inventions, paintings, any other interest and his later life. Then Emperor Charles V condemned Luther as a heretic and this meant that his life was in danger. Muslim leaders had been demanding a separate state called Pakistan.

There are very narrow windows and it is very cold.

Junior Certificate History

The non-sacred section was where animals were kept, where farming was done and where the other monks slept. Beehive huts were built using the corbel method — a method of building without the use of supports. My main pastimes are holding great banquets in which entertainment is provided by jesters and musicians.

They carved beautiful stone crosses and used the images on them to teach the ideas of Christianity. We sometimes use slaves that we captured in battle to help us in our farming. He studied the Bible closely and eventually he became convinced that only faith in God would save him.

Health boards were created all over the big towns and cities to make sure that the streets were cleaned and to ensure that water was piped into homes and that sewers were built.

Many people were frightened into buying indulgences and this made Luther very angry. The centre of our city is called the Forum and this is a very busy market place.

Junior Certificate History

Lemass decided to retire from political life in On their feet, they wore leather sandals. Luther spoke at the meeting and absolutely refused to change his views. Many artefacts finally end up in museums where members of the public can go to view them.Posts about People in History written by awesomejcninja.

The Irish History Junior Certificate Examination is an achievement test offered in Ireland. People in History 50 marks 25 minutes Question 5 Long Document Question 30 marks 15 minutes Question 6 One of four options (see below) 60 marks 20 minutes Questions 1, 2 and 5 are mandatory.

Only 10 of the 20 sub-questions in Question 3 are required. people in history This question tends to come in a format that requires you to know one of the revolutionary leaders from either America, France or Ireland in some detail.

You will find information on some of the leaders involved on these pages. Section 4 of the junior cert history exam is People in History. Students are required to write two essay type answers. One from Part A and one from Part B. Junior Cert History. Search this site. Home. 1st year stuff.

2nd year stuff. European History 20th Century. European History 20th Century. Irish History 3rd Year. People in history essays for 1st and 2nd yeara. Sitemap. plan for people in history essay on the agricultural joeshammas.com Junior Certificate History.

If you want to do well in Junior Cert History, you will have to keep a careful eye on the time. Students often run out of time in the exam as there's a lot of content to write.

History people in history junior cert
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