Fungal diseases of chlorophytum borivilanum baker

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Pedaliaceae -a new addition to the flora of Uttarakhand state. To maintain moisture for disease development water was added in the plates time to time.

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Microporogenesis in Alysicarpus vaginalis DC.:May 28,  · Fungal Diseases of Chlorophytum Borivilanum. Baker (Safed Musli) Fungal diseases of Chlorophytum borivilanum. Baker (SAFED MUSLI) A.B Joshi And B. M. Kareppa Correspondence to Dr.

joeshammas.coma Dept. of Botany and Biotechnology, joeshammas.come Parbhani, M.S.,INDIA. Abstract: Safed musli (Chlorophytum. temperature.

To maintain moisture for disease development water was added in the plates time to time. After days disease symptoms were initiated and develop in 15 days.

Disease Severity Index (DSI): Disease severity Index was calculated by using 5-point scale (Mayee et al., ). For this leaves were collected from the field.

HIND AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH AND TRAINING INSTITUTE Studies on fungal diseases of Chlorophytum borivilanum. Baker (S afed musli) A.B. JOSHI AND B.M. KAREPPA Deptartment of Botany and Biotechnology, joeshammas.come, PARBHANI (M.S.).

II. REVIEW OF LITERATURE fungal diseases in various Talukas of Osmanabad District, Maharashtra State, India during the years and In the present survey, they have () detected on the fungal diseases of Chlorophytum borivilanum.

Baker (Safed musli). They collected the infected. Dried roots of Chlorophytum borivilianum were collected from a safed musli farm, Indore (Madhya Pradesh), India. The roots were dried in sunlight and coarsely powdered for extraction. Chlorophytum borivilanum are endangered due to Baker et al., ).

Therefore the sustainable use of medicinal plants should be considered and good harvesting practices must be formulated. resistance of the plant to fungal infection and abiotic stresses (Veronese et al., ).

Fungal diseases of chlorophytum borivilanum baker
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